Dartfish Sales & Training
Dartfish is state-of-the-art video analysis software, and Christian is a recognized expert. He has used it to trouble shoot jumps and enhance techniques for US Olympians Tim Goebel, Sasha Cohen, and Emily Hughes. One of the first figure skating coaches to implement this technology in the United States, Christian serves as an authorized sales representative and trainer for the company.

Dartfish allows coaches to capture video with unparalleled ease using a remote control, DV camera, and a laptop computer. The computer allows coaches to store and analyze vast amounts of video material quickly and give appropriate feedback almost instantly. This speeds the learning process and creates a safer learning environment as multiple measurements can be accurately tracked. You can then publish the video to CDROM, DVDROM, or by email. This makes consulting and distance learning a snap.

For more background information on how it is used, see his article, “Fishing for Better Jumps” in PSA magazine (Jan 2007), or visit www.dartfish.com.

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Christian lectures and uses Dartfish on Audrey Weisiger’s Grassroots To Champions Seminars.